Oct. 31st, 2012

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Previously posted at  [livejournal.com profile] bluefractures. These have been revised and modified slightly.

i need you physically around
super junior ; kibum/donghae ; g
214 w
Donghae sits calmly at the end of the couch, feet dangling off the other corner, hand clutching the phone tightly against his ear. )

little facts
super junior ; various* ; g
396 w
*(kangin/leeteuk, hankyung/heechul/siwon, kibum/donghae, eunhyuk/sungmin)
Jungsu can't seem to keep his eyes away from Youngwoon. )

super junior (m) ; henry/ryeowook ; g
446 w
Henry is staring out the window when Ryeowook enters the room. )

super junior (m) ; band fic ; g
655 w
"Hyung?" )
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Re-posted from  [livejournal.com profile] bluefractures. Meant as a present for a friend long, long ago.

keep holding on ('cause you know i'm here for you)
super junior/tvxq ; kibum/changmin ; pg
1550 w

In which there's a transcontinental phonecall.
His phone rings in the middle of the night. )
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Re-posted from [livejournal.com profile] bluefractures. These are the first ever drabbles I wrote of Big Bang and hopefully won't be the last.

never mind the apple
big bang ; seungri/jiyong ; g
333 w
Read more... )

natural order
big bang ; band fic ; pg
495 w
"You're missing the note, Daesung." )

big bang ; jinyong/seunghyun ; g
531 w
It's maybe the well defined jaw, or perhaps the high cheekbones. )
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for the 100 SJ Fic Challenge.

one, two step
super junior ; eeteuk/kyuhyun ; g
299 w
eighty eight: numbers
Kyuhyun keeps count. )
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For the 100 SJ Fic Challenge of Doom; part one of the Make a Run For It series or however else you please to call it. I call it The Huge Ass Fic that Grew Like a Fucking Pimple.

holding on a rope
super junior ; kibum/donghae ; pg
504 w
one hundred: regret
When Kibum thinks about the things he regrets the most in his life, he finds two. )
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I wrote this right after I finished watching You're Beautiful 'cause I'd seen Jeremy (Hongki) reading AN-JELL fic, and then I read somewhere that Hongki and Heechul were close, right. So yup this is my contribution to the Idols Read Fic boat.

motivational reading
super junior ; heechul, hongki ; pg13

In which Heechul and Hongki read fic and angry sex is apparently the new trend.
Heechul clicked another link and pressed the phone tighter against his ear. )
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First 2PM fic ever. I've revised it and changed a few things, I think. Re-posted from[livejournal.com profile] bluefractures

hot issue
2pm ; nichkhun/wooyoung ; pg13
1206 w

In which Wooyoung is a flirt and Nichkhun doesn't appreciate it.
Nichkhun's been watching Wooyoung for the past few weeks. )
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For the 100 SJ Fic Challenge. Warning for lapslock.

not another falling star
super junior ; kibum/donghae ; g
292 w
twenty: glow
he glows. )

bros before hoes
super junior ; heechul/eeteuk ; g
516 w
fifty three: puppies
"oh my god," heechul half gasps half grunts, pointing at the fluffy thing in the carpet. )
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I wrote this right after Kangin's news about his little Army leave thingy. Re-posted from[livejournal.com profile] bluefractures. For the 100 SJ Fic Challenge.

i've kept track (these are bruises worth wearing)
super junior ; eeteuk/eeteuk ; pg
800 w
fifty nine: calendars
jungsu wears his skin as a reminder of every important date in his life. )

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