Nov. 1st, 2012

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For the 100 SJ Fic Challenge.

tainted black
super junior ; eunhyuk/donghae ; pg
236 w
nine: coffee
Donghae hates coffee. )

freak show
super junior ; kangin/eunhyuk ; pg
242 w
forty six: stuffed animals
"You," Kangin gapes, "you sleep with a stuffed animal between your legs." )

top chef
super junior ; sungmin/donghae ; g
297 w
fifty two: cake
Donghae stared worriedly at Sungmin and scratched the back of his head. )
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chasing rainbows
super junior ; siwon/ryeowook ; g
833 w
thirty one: midnight walks
The first night after Hankyung leaves, Siwon finds himself walking down a poorly lit corridor inside the SM building. )

super junior ; shindong/kibum ; pg13
429 w
forty one: dance practice
It starts when Kibum follows Siwon to the gym. )

u must be
super junior ; donghae/siwon ; g
465 w
forty three: washing machines
They meet at the laundromat. )

it's all in your head
super junior ; eunhyuk/kibum ; pg13
236 w
eighty six: violins
Kibum is upset. )
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Part two of The Break series. Written for  [ profile] dreamoscope.

after the break (there's still you)
2pm ; nichkhun/wooyoung ; pg13
3478 w
part one | part two | part three

In which hearts are not the only things that break.
Wooyoung spends what's left of the afternoon going over steps he already knows by heart. )
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Third and final part of The Break series. Again, for[ profile] dreamoscope

put me back together
2pm ; nichkhun/wooyoung ; pg13
3157 w
part one | part two | part three

In which it takes one to put a heart right where it belongs.
"Hey, Wooyoung," Junho starts as they load their stuff into the van, "do you think we could talk for a minute?" )
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Drabbles! Re-posted from[ profile] bluefractures. Warning for lapslock because I'm too lazy to change it.

she brings me love
2pm/kara ; wooyoung/hara ; g
for[ profile] dreamoscope

wooyoung doesn't believe in love at first sight. )

the mourning after
2pm ; chansung/junho ; r
it's funny, it really is. )

maybe we're all dreaming
2pm/jay park ; taecyeon/jay ; pg
"i had the weirdest dream ever," taecyeon says. )

this is the future
2pm ; nichkhun/wooyoung ; g
"i can see the future, hyung," )

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