Nov. 7th, 2012

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Trying out second person prose. Re-posted from[ profile] bluefractures.

got your words in me
super junior ; kibum/donghae ; r
898 w
You've ended up coming to his apartment. )

we're everything we need
super junior ; kyuhyun/zhou mi ; g
746 w
Kyuhyun lays awake in his bed, not really paying attention to his surroundings, when his phone buzzes insistently on his nightstand. )

the night starts here
super junior ; han geng/heechul ; r
752 w
"I owe him." )
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For the 100 SJ Fic Challenge of Doom. Re-posted from[ profile] bluefractures.

Three times Lee Hyukjae gets rejected plus one time he doesn't.
super junior(/tvxq) ; eunhyuk/eunhyuk (eunhyuk/junsu) ; pg
1167 w, au
forty-four: rejection
It's when they both stop at a red light a few blocks from school that he decides to approach her. )
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Wrote these right after I finished watching DH and because the ending was so not what I'd had in mind. They're not related among each other, they're all stand-alone drabbles. Re-posted from[ profile] bluefractures

a dream high drabble especial - part one

1: don't want the night to end
2pm/miss a ; taecyeon/suzy ; g
275 w
She doesn't think she'll ever get over it. )

2: one in a million
2pm ; wooyoung/taecyeon ; r
259 w
Taecyeon is straight. )

3: a kiss that isn't and one that is
2pm/iu ; wooyoung/iu ; g
276 w
"What," Junho screeches, mouth agape and finger pointing accusingly to the TV. "WHAT WAS THAT?!" )

4: one of a kind
2pm/kim soohyun ; taecyeon/soohyun ; g
257 w
Taecyeon has never seen a dude cry so much in his entire life. )
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Titles from Project 1.9's songs.

a dream high drabble especial - part two

5: the best of false intentions
2pm ; nichkhun/wooyoung ; pg
203 w
"Oh, fuck no," Wooyoung growls when Nichkhun, dressed in armor, comes out from the nearest dressing room. )

6: torn in two
2pm/t-ara ; taecyeon/eunjung, wooyoung/eunjung ; pg
198 w
The thing is he likes her, a lot. )
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Angst fest.

the safest place to hide
jay park/snsd ; jay/jessica ; pg
925 w
Jaebeom meets Jessica and thinks this is it. )

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