Nov. 20th, 2012

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This fic is sort of a compilation of a few unfinished bits I had in my computer.First thought of making a series of drabbles, but the more I wrote (or edited what I already had around) the more they became attached somehow and spiraled into a Jay-centric/Jaytaec fic 

Re-posted from [ profile] bluefractures.

all we are
2pm/jay park ; taecyeon/jay ; pg
1722 w
Jay runs into an old ex-girlfriend once inside a music store when he's back in Seattle. )
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Part two of the Make a Run For It series that seems to have no proper ending. It's coming,though. Re-posted from [ profile] bluefractures.

Title after Hit The Light's song.

Make A Run For It (We Need To Get Our Story Straight)
super junior ; kibum/donghae ; pg13
6190 w
uno | dos

In which Kibum should've done a lot of things.
Kibum walks away on Super Junior the moment he realizes he's fallen in love with Donghae to the point he could throw everything they'd accomplished away without giving it a second thought. The acting? Just an excuse. )
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Written for [ profile] rainbwoo many months ago. This was supposed to have a very nice pg sequel and then my laptop deleted every word file I'd ever had. So yeah, sorry. ):

2pm ; wooyoung/junho ; pg
2687 w, au

In which Junho is a math genius, Wooyoung is not, and books hurt people more than they should.
The first time they meet, Wooyoung nearly bleeds to death. )
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Flashfic thingy with[ profile] dreamoscope and[ profile] rainbwoo and this was the result. For[ profile] sillykilljoys

to the beat of our noisy hearts
2pm ; chansung/junho ; pg
~780 w
prompt: "the best moment is when I can't tell if it's your heartbeat or mine."

Chansung feels bile rise up his throat when he cocks his head and gets a glimpse of the crowd outside. )

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