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[fic] 2PM: the untitleable drabble

I have no idea when I wrote this. Which is good because I have no idea why I wrote it either. All I remember is this was done back in the Music and Lyrics era (just because there's a brief Soeun mention lol). Yeah, possibly. Anyways, whether you've watched Game of Thrones or not is not important, all you gotta keep in mind is (around half of if?) this (nsf! nsfw! nsfw!) vid.

Also, I miss Drogo. :(

No title because I'm lazy and how do you title something like this anyways?!
2pm ; chansung/junho ; pg13
~500 w

In which there's a GoT marathon.


Chansung is in the middle of his Game of Thrones marathon when Junho literally stumbles his way into the living room, reeking of soju.

"I'm drunk," he mumbles, wobbly steps leading him towards Chansung's couch. "Ugh, why am I drunk."

Chansung shrugs, half annoyed already since he'd been waiting for this blasted marathon and Junho's drunk and fucking things up royally when all Chansung wants is to sit down and watch this fucking show because fucking people won't fucking shut up about it.

"You're stupid, that's why," he informs Junho, who drops himself unceremoniously next to Chansung, heaving a tired sigh. "Where've you been, anyways."

"Filming. But we had to get drinks with the drama people and we got too many drinks and now everything sways." Junho grunts again, rubbing his temples and squinting at the TV as Khal Drogo takes Daenerys and fucks her from behind. "What the fuck are you watching, dude."

"I was trying to watch Game of Thrones," Chansung says bitterly, kicking Junho's leg to stress his annoyance. "Then you showed up."

Junho laughs wholeheartedly, kicking Chansung back and scooting closer to try and steal the remote. Chansung smacks his hand away. "Gee, so sorry. I should've stayed with Soeun then."

Chansung narrows his eyes at the screen. God, the nerve of this dude, seriously. "Maybe you should have. Maybe you could've got her drunk enough and get some." Pull a 'Khal Drogo' is what Chansung wants to say but doesn't because the DISTURBING! alarms suddenly are going off.

"That's what you want me to do to you?" Junho asks, placing a hand on top of Chansung's thigh.

YES! is what Chansung's brain says. And fuck fucking buckets isn't that just poetic. Chansung wants to laugh but he doesn't because Junho's smirking and driving Chansung crazy, waiting for him to snap. But Chansung isn't easy—he's horny, but never easy, thank you very much, Khal Drogo move or not involved.

He stares down at Junho's hand evenly, almost bored. On the inside, though, he's so giddy he wants to flail. "No. You can't hold your alcohol well, for starters. You'd be asleep before even getting out of your pants. It's happened before, I remind you."

"Hey, that was one time," Junho scowls, taking his hand away to poke Chansung's chest with a hurtful finger. "And I gave you a blow job the morning after so your point is invalid."

Chansung laughs disbelievingly. "What is the point, anyways?"

Junho waves his hands around. "No point. Let's just have sex." He smirks again, the tease, and cocks his head at the TV. "I'll let you be Huge Muscled Guy."

"Great," Chansung says, smirking back now because Junho has no idea what he just got himself into.

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