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[fic] B1A4: nothing like you and i | merry christmas, sai!

Since LJ seems to be still on hangover from New Year's, I'll post this here instead :3 I'm still not done writing half of these but I'm doing my best, yes? ;w; I PROMISE TO WRITE THEM ALL.

Dearest Sai, I know you wanted shower room sex but instead you get lots of sexscenaries plus fluff. Is that good or. Your Jindeul is being worked on, too!! MERRY CHRISTMAS, LOVE <3

Nothing like you and I | for [livejournal.com profile] saibear12
b1a4 ; jinyoung/cnu ; nc-17 r
1890 w
In which it's not just sex.


Jinyoung wakes up to a hand wrapped loosely around his cock. He gasps because fuck it feels good but also because fuck how did Dongwoo get into his room in the middle of the night, again?

Sometimes Jinyoung thinks he's dating a CIA ninja. Other times he thinks he's dating a complete sex-addict creep.

"What the fuck are you--oh--doing?" he rasps, voice thick with 6AM sleepiness as he rolls slightly to the side, pressing his back further against Dongwoo's chest . Dongwoo lets out a soft, teasing chuckle, tightening his fist and shit, okay, Jinyoung's cock is very interested in this even though his brain is still refusing to function.

"Ssh, you're gonna wake up Sunwoo," Dongwoo mutters against the side of his neck, his breath warm, hot, so hot Jinyoung can feel it all the way into his bones. "He's gonna freak out like last time if you do."

Jinyoung's hips slide forwards because apparently Getting Caught by Sunwoo is arousing as fuck. "How'd you get in?" he has to bite his lip to keep his voice low because Dongwoo is thumbing the head of his cock like a pro and god damn it, Jinyoung really needs to moan his brains out right now, Sunwoo be damned.

The question seems to make Dongwoo laugh, low and husky, his lips against Jinyoung's ear. "T'was easy," is all he says, his hand sliding down Jinyoung's cock until the pad of his middle finger presses against Jinyoung's hole-- "Bit like this," Dongwoo breathes, and pushes his finger inside.

The moan Jinyoung lets out wakes half the floor up be he cares very little.

"I hate you," Junghwan says as he walks out of his room. "Both you and Dongwoo hyung. Why can't you have normal, quiet sex, really."

Jinyoung flips him the bird, smiling widely. 


Jinyoung would be lying if he said his relationship with Dongwoo is all about sex. Because it's not, not really anyways; sex just comes as a very mind-blowing bonus. There's more to them than he'd like to openly admit, like when they just sit quietly at the library while Dongwoo works on some Ethics paper and Jinyoung reads about World War II, and it's nice, their shared silences and stolen glances when they think the other isn't looking.

(Dongwoo asks him to help him find a book in the psychology isle and Jinyoung ends up pressed against a shelf, Freud and Jung digging to his hip as Dongwoo sucks his brains through his cock.)

Or when they're at the little café outside campus and they fight over the last scone in the box and Jinyoung isn't one bit sorry when Dongwoo pouts as Jinyoung chews victoriously and how Jinyoung ends up buying more pastries because deep in his heart he can't stand Dongwoo pouting.

(Dongwoo kisses him breathless at the bus station outside the café, his hands around Jinyoung's neck so gentle Jinyoung's chest tightens painfully, and when they get to Dongwoo's room Jinyoung fucks him just as gentle, drags it out for as long as he can until Dongwoo comes with a cracked moan, the skin around his throat so tight Jinyoung comes just from pressing his lips against it.)

And then there are the times when they're on the court, both drenched in sweat and adrenaline and they bicker over who is winning so far, which of course is Jinyoung, but then Dongwoo flips him the bird and shoots a three-pointer and Jinyoung just laughs because he obviously cheated. Dongwoo flips him the bird yet again but lets him win in the end, smile wide and caring and "I'm too nice to you, I swear."

(Jinyoung pushes Dongwoo against the lockers this time, sliding a thigh between Dongwoo's, and rocks against him, slow at first and then fast and hard and furious because they can hear voices out in the court and Dongwoo's panting, begging please, faster, harder, right the fuck there and Jinyoung has to shove his tongue into Dongwoo's mouth when they come or else they'll get caught; Dongwoo stills as he comes and sucks on Jinyoung's tongue until he comes as well, so long and hard he nearly blacks out.)

But really, it's not all about the sex.


Junghwan is crap at giving advice (and head, but that's one memory Jinyoung will not waste too much time on) but Jinyoung talks to him either way. They're having lunch inside campus this time, Dongwoo being in class until 4PM, which means he won't be joining them until dinner. Jinyoung is cool with that because it's not like he can have this conversation with Dongwoo around.

"So, I think I might be in love," he says in between chews, and swallows thickly when Junghwan looks up from his tuna salad sandwich with eyes the size of Pluto. "With Dongwoo."

Junghwan blinks. "You think? Are you emotionally stunted?"

Jinyoung wrinkles his nose, throws a crumpled napkin at him. "Okay, am."

"There, crisis solved. Now please let me eat," Junghwan rolls his eyes (it's a bit comical actually and Jinyoung would even laugh, you know, had Junghwan not be mocking him) and goes back to his sandwich.

"Crisis? What crisis? Please," Jinyoung scoffs, but feels oddly lighter than he did moments ago.


When Jinyoung walks into his room later that day, he finds Dongwoo fast asleep on his bed. Jinyoung smiles a bit as he drops his bag on the floor and then sits next to Dongwoo, watches him sleep for a minute or two until Dongwoo stirs a bit and blinks his eyes open.

"Hey," Jinyoung says, "how was class?"

Dongwoo shrugs, eyes sleepy and half-closed, "Boring. I spent most of it dozing off anyways."

Jinyoung frowns, "You look like shit. Have you not been getting enough sleep?"

"How could I?" Dongwoo laughs, loud and breathless. It does things to Jinyoung's heart. "You keep me up all night."

Jinyoung smacks his stomach. "Okay, I'm kicking you out tonight then. If you have that face tomorrow for practice, Coach will have my balls."

"No," Dongwoo pouts, and hugs one of Jinyoung's pillows to his chest. It's an endearing picture and Jinyoung doesn't mind in the slightest if it happens again later, or the day after tomorrow, or a week from now. "Your balls are mine."

But of course Dongwoo has to just kill the moment, it's what he does.

"Get out," Jinyoung laughs, and if he's smiling like a fool when he kisses Dongwoo goodnight at the door, then no one can really hold it against him.


Practice the next day goes down smoothly. Junghwan manages to break his speed record and even Chansik shoots four three-pointers in a row. The coach is pleased enough to cut it earlier than scheduled but all five of them decide to stay and have a quick 3-2, which Dongwoo and Jinyoung lose like pros because Chansik makes them trip twice with his long limbs.

"As punishment," Junghwan declares, "you both have to get the balls back and put everything where it belongs. Sounds fair?"

"No," Jinyoung snorts, "but we'll do it anyways 'cause we're not sore losers unlike someone I know."

"I'm sorry," Junghwan smiles as he backs into the locker rooms, "can't hear you over my awesome."

Dongwoo throws an arm over his shoulder as everyone laughs, "It's okay, at least we're in this together, right?"

Jinyoung laughs and rolls his eyes. "Yeah, I guess it could've been a lot worse."

"Hey!" Dongwoo pouts.

Eventually they manage to put the balls back in the bag and the cones they used for dribbling are neatly piled under the hoop, and when they finally drag themselves to the showers, the lockers are empty.

Jinyoung doesn't even bat an eyelash when Dongwoo backs him up against the tiled wall of the showers but his heart somersaults when all he does is drop his forehead on Jinyoung's shoulder.

"Hey," he prods gently at Dongwoo's chest but Dongwoo doesn't give in, "hey, is everything okay?"

Dongwoo nods, turns his face into the crook of Jinyoung's neck and shoulder and kisses his way up slowly, his fingers hooking around Jinyoung's hips. "Yeah," he breathes, "I'm just. I don't know."

Jinyoung's only response is to curl his arms around Dongwoo's shoulders and pull him close, close enough there's nothing but skin between their hearts, because yes, all Jinyoung can think of right now is how his heart is trying to leap into his throat with its beats loud enough to thrum off the wet walls around them both.

"I'm in love with you," Jinyoung blurts quietly, and doesn't regret it in the slightest because Dongwoo lets out a breath, his shoulders relaxing under Jinyoung's arms, and even if it's far from especial like this -- we're in the gym showers, ew, Jinyoung thinks faintly -- it feels so fucking perfect Jinyoung can barely breathe.

Or maybe that's Dongwoo's mouth on his, hot and damp and wonderful, laughing, "Me too, so fucking in love, Jinyoung, me too," and fuck, because he really can't breathe now.

Oxygen is overrated anyways.


It's like something clicks into place, if Jinyoung is to be honest. Now it's not just sex, now it's truly making love and Jinyoung feels too big for his own skin-- it's literally too much and not enough, because Dongwoo is kissing him but then he pulls away and Jinyoung wants to scream at him to put his mouth back on his.

"Imma ride you tonight," Dongwoo whispers against his neck, curling his fingers around Jinyoung's and guiding them into him.

Jinyoung moans when his fingers slide inside wetly, the lube warm from Dongwoo's fingers, and refuses to look because if he does he might come all too soon. But then Dongwoo tightens around his fingers, on purpose, the fucker, and Jinyoung looks up at him, all that white, moonlight kissed skin suddenly close enough to kiss and bite and lick. It takes great effort for Jinyoung not to come right then.

Dongwoo moans when Jinyoung curls his fingers, nods, "Shit, yes, ready now."

When Dongwoo lowers himself on Jinyoung's cock in one swift, easy move, his hands on Jinyoung's chest, Jinyoung nearly chokes, back arching off the bed because he's so tight under his own skin his nerves are singing, and Dongwoo is just as tight, just as hot and perfect as he's always been, his mouth even hotter against Jinyoung's, and Jinyoung wants to hold onto this moment forever because it feels right, so he hooks his hands around Dongwoo's hips because that's his forever right there, close enough to touch and have and hold.

As much as Jinyoung would like to deny later, it's over embarrassingly fast. Dongwoo's only moved twice when Jinyoung comes, long, hard and broken, his skin tingling, and it's all kinds of amazing (all things considered at the moment) because Dongwoo comes seconds later, rides both his and Jinyoung's orgasm hard enough for Jinyoung 's over sensitized cock to hurt.

"Damn it," Dongwoo breathes, his forehead pressed against Jinyoung's. He laughs, "What the hell was that?"

"Mind blowing love-making," Jinyoung grins.

Dongwoo laughs a brilliant, melodic laugh. "You're so corny," he says as he flops down next to Jinyoung, taking Jinyoung's hand in his and squeezing softly. "But I love you, so it's cool."

Now it really isn't just about the sex.

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