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[fic] B1A4: four drabbles

The first B1A4 drabbles I ever wrote :3 re posted from [livejournal.com profile] bluefractures.

b1a4 ; cnu/baro ; r

"So," Dongwoo starts, and it isn't awkward at all. In fact, he might sound even cocky. He exhales against Sunwoo's parted lips and smirks, the asshole. "This is what I want you to do."

Sunwoo feels himself being shoved down, and to be honest, he doesn't mind. He crouches down, presses his knees against the bathroom floor and stares directly into Dongwoo's eyes as he does so, feeling smug at the way Dongwoo's chest heaves a shuddering sigh when tongue meets flesh.

"Now," Dongwoo rasps, hands threading in soft, short hair. "Now, I want you to rap."

b1a4 ; junghwan, jinyoung ; g

It's 6AM when Junghwan wakes the hell out of everyone with a loud, "WHERE ARE MY SOCKS?!"

Jinyoung mutters an impressive trail of swear words against his pillow and refuses to open his eyes. Yes, maybe this is all a dream and Junghwan isn't being noisy and annoying and unholy at 6AM on a Saturday. And if he is, Jinyoung can always try and fall back sleep and not give a damn about socks.

The latter sounds the most appealing.


There's not even a knock on the door, and Jinyoung curses at the fact he's not even surprised. Or that he hadn't even flinched when the door hit the rack of shoes behind it with a loud metallic noise. Jinyoung is no longer surprised at anything anymore.

"Hyung, have you seen my socks? The red and orange ones? The ones my grandma sent me? Hyung, are you listening me? Hyung, why are you sleeping when I need you the most? You guys are so mean with me…"

Dongwoo shouts from his bed, "Shut up, it's Saturday, no one cares about your socks, go back to bed."

Jinyoung doesn't even bother to open his eyes to watch Junghwan leave with a hurt look on his face. He'll get over it, he thinks. And then louder, he adds, "When he finds out you're wearing his socks, he'll have your ass."

Dongwoo just snores loudly in reply.

b1a4 ; chansik ; g

He's in the middle of an award-worthy "project" in the kitchen when there's a loud, dramatic gasp followed by an equally loud, "What in the world are you doing?"

Chansik turns – as much as he can, and it's not very much – and stares blankly at Junghwan. "What does it look like I'm doing?"

Junghwan blinks, then his jaw goes slack. "You're wearing a—is that meat?—a meat neckless? Chansik, I swear to god, if Jinyoung—Just. What are you doing?"

Chansik beams at him. "I'm am going to be the next Lady Gaga!"

(Jinyoung stares at them both. At Chansik as if he went crazy and at Junghwan as if it's his fault. He opens his mouth, then closes it. And again. And again. Until Dongwoo snaps, "Not cool, kid, not cool. Jinyoung had plans for that meat. Plans, I tell you."

Chansik waves back to the kitchen and then back around his neck, bewildered. "So did I, you know!")

Blind date
b1a4 ; baro/jinyoung ; pg

Jinyoung is going to kill Dongwoo. No, really, kill him dead. He's going to hire someone to shank him in his sleep, or wax his pubes, or just do something, for God's sake, something that will make Dongwoo cry blood, because this? This is not something you do to your so-called best friend.

Oh hell no. Jinyoung takes in a deep breath and pushes the café's door open, failing to realize there's someone at the other side about to pull it open as well.

There's mayhem involved all the way until Jinyoung manages to pull himself off the floor. There's a stranger hovering around him, a very good looking stranger. Jinyoung stares at him a little, hands still dusting off his pant clad knees.

"I'm so so so so so sorry," the stranger says, bowing over and over again, and it is hard for Jinyoung not to find it cute -- despite the deep, manly voice seeping past his lips. "Here, let me buy you some coffee to compensate it. I'm Sunwoo."

Jinyoung gapes. "You're Sunwoo?"

The guy – Sunwoo – widens his eyes. "…..yes?" he asks tentatively.

"I – I'm Jinyoung," Jinyoung says, smiling a little.

Sunwoo's eyes lit in realization and he smiles, and whoa. Is Jinyoung dizzy because he just fell on top of granite floor? Most definitely yes, of course, that's why, it has nothing to do with Sunwoo or his smile or his eyes. No.

"You're Dongwoo's friend," he says, laughter laced through his words, and Jinyoung nods. "Well," and he bites his lip, and Jinyoung has problems swallowing, "we were set up for coffee anyways." He nods his head towards the cozy insides of the coffee shop. "My treat?"

(The next day, Jinyoung sends flowers and a messily scribbled letter with a promise he'll name his first born after Dongwoo. "That is," he adds at the bottom, "if Sunwoo wants babies.")