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[fic] 2PM: when it rains

Originally titled Glory bound after Martin Sexton's song. Paramore is more accurate though. Written after listening to Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 OST which I reccomend wholeheartedly. Belated Christmas present (Dec 2011) to [livejournal.com profile] walkonpluto.

when it rains
2pm ; chansung/junho ; pg13
834 w, au

In which no one ever stays long enough to explain.


The thing with Chansung is that he's unpredictable. He's like the rain; can't be stopped, can't be contained.


Wooyoung sits silently and the only sounds he makes are when sips at his coffee and sets his mug down on top of the counter. His hair is damp and the jacket he's wearing is Junho's and it's most likely ruined, but Junho just shrugs internally, because he can get a new jacket in the end.

Hearts are harder to find.

"I'm sorry, Junho."

Junho stares blankly out the window. It's raining heavily and there's mist everywhere and it truly feels like the last rainfall of the season.

Junho feebly lets himself think of Chansung and his big eyes and kind smile and fair skin that tasted, oddly, like rain itself.

"I'm not."


Ah, and he has this animal appetite that Junho finds quite revolting but intriguing at the same time. And he enjoys being under the rain. Junho doesn't really believe him when Chansung says he could eat a whole cow sometimes. Or that he's lived under the rain for far longer than he can remember.


"Things will change."

"I know."

"Are you gonna be okay?"

"I think so, yeah."


"I loved you."

"I know."

"Did you?"

"I do."


Sometimes Junho thinks Chansung is hiding something, something big, but can't find it in himself to ask what it is. It feels dangerous to even think of asking, like daring to drive under heavy rain with the breaks of your car unchecked—Junho doesn't know what to expect and he's never been a fan uncertainty.


"I love you."

It comes as a heavy exhalation, edged by a raspy moan and choked around Junho's tongue and Chansung's lips, and Junho thinks he will explode in bits and pieces when Chansung's hips stop minutely—but then he's pounding back in and Junho arches his back and everything turns white and it's perfect from beginning to end and side to side.

But it's in the middle of Chansung's erratic sway of hips and it fading into little tremors cursing through the both of them, that Junho hears it, whispered against the crook of his neck and shoulder,

"I wish you wouldn't."


It worries Junho. Not being able to keep track with Chansung, feeling soaked to the bone even if it's only drizzling out; and not being able to taste truth in his words, no matter how many times they kiss and how many It's okays Chansung shapes with his tongue against Junho's skin.


Taecyeon's grin is blinding as usual. His glasses are thick and make his eyes look even narrower when he smiles. "Hey, where have you been, haven't seen you in so long!"

Junho smiles a little and his mind wanders off to Chansung and the skin framing his wide shoulders glowing with faint moonlight coming through parted curtains.

"Busy," he shrugs, and Taecyeon smiles like he knows more than he lets on, to which Junho just answers with an eye roll. "Oh shut up."

Taecyeon's smile turns more honest. "If he makes you happy, then we're happy."

Junho nods, smile faltering but only barely. "Thanks. He does."


Junho spends a half of his time worried about what being with Chansung entails and the other one enthralled at the fact Chansung came with the rain and with it he'll leave. Or maybe it's the other way around, Junho is not sure yet.


Junho's heart stops.

"It is supposed to happen only once in one hundred years," Chansung explains. "And it's only during winter time. It ends with the last rainfall."

Outside, the rain is thick and quick. Just like Chansung's moans are when Junho presses his lips against his navel and tastes wetness from Chansung's skin.


Junho knows better than to ask when he finds Chansung in the street staring out at the dark sky. And yet something inside him itches to ask whether those running down Chansung's cheeks are raindrops or actual tears. 

He kind of suspects there's no difference.


The first time they meet Junho forgets to take his umbrella on his way to work. It's not quite pouring but he's not much into the idea of getting wet and he spends forty five minutes stuck in a building's entrance waiting for it to stop.

And it happens quickly; Junho is cursing at the season changes while a young man walks past the spot he's standing in, only wearing a t-shirt and a loose pair of jeans. His hair is dark and it's sticking to his forehead and he stops several feet away from where Junho stands, looking around intently.

"You're gonna catch pneumonia."

Did Junho just say that out loud?

The stranger turns, and their eyes meet. Junho swears time stops but that could only be his heart somersaulting at the way the stranger stares back at him, lips parted and wet from rain.

"I'm Chansung," he says.



The thing about Chansung is he is rain.