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[fic] 2PM: itunes drabble meme

iTunes Drabble Meme
How it works:
1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Put iTunes or equivalent media player on random.
3. For each song that plays, write something related to the theme you picked inspired by the song. You have only the time frame of the song: no planning beforehand: you start when it starts, and no lingering afterward; once the song is over, you stop writing. (No fair skipping songs either; you have to take what comes by chance!)
4. Do 10 of these, then post.

iTunes Drabble Meme
2pm ; chansung/junho, various ratings

1 Break the Chain – Lupe Fiasco

Chansung thinks the war might never be over. Junho kind of knows this already and wastes no time thinking about it—but. But hope, they say, is the last thing that breaks.

"Let's run away," Chansung whispers, and Junho knows it in his heart he wants to do it. "Let's cross the sea and find a better place."

Junho nods, packs up his things and follows Chansung when the dawn comes.

2 Someone Like You – Adele

When they break up, Chansung tries his best not to look as appalled as he actually feels. He smiles as he always does—goofy, wide, hopeful, and nods twice, just so he has something to do.

Junho does the same, smiles a small, resigned smile and walks out of their shared apartment, bags in hands, to chase after his dream.

Chansung sit down on the couch as soon as the door clicks closed and stares blankly ahead, feeling more peaceful than he should. He knows this is definitely not the way he wanted things to work out, but love is about sacrifices—or something like that Mom says—and Chansung is ready for this sacrifice if it means better things to come for Junho.

Junho, who has the guts to chase after his dream—Chansung has the guts to stay behind and let him be happy.

3 Laugh, I Nearly Died – The Rolling Stones

They meet in India, travel to Arabia, then go back all the way to Rome and yet—yet something is odd. Out of place.

It's not like they've made a deal of coming first to each other, or of having some sort of friends with benefits thing despite not being friends at all, but still, Junho had expected more. More than a simple goodbye after landing on Greece after a heated kiss inside the plane's tiny bathroom.

4 이별… 넌 쉽니 (Heartquake) – Super Junior

It hurts deep down, down somewhere, it's like his insides are breaking in little million pieces and there's nothing left for him to do other than watch as it happens. It's like there's someone twisting his throat and lungs into a tight knot, air wheezes in and out with great difficulty and there might be fire at the back of his eyes, stinging like a bitch and trying to fall down his cheeks. It's like staying under the sun far longer than necessary and his insides are scorching and blazing and there's an implosion bound to happen any minute and it makes his veins throb agonizingly.

It's pain, raw pain that Junho doesn't know how to describe and shape into words because he didn't have the words to express what love meant back then in the first place, let alone what pain and heartbreak really are.

He lets the tears out because he has to let something out, and doesn't even feel the pain at his throat after screaming himself raw anymore.

5 Make A Run For It – Hit The Lights

They run away on the first night of summertime. They've got their bags with them as they walk around Seoul and its millions of lights and somewhere deep in their hearts, this is how things should've gone long ago.

It doesn't feel like running away from home anymore a month and a half later while they're watching the sunset somewhere in Busan's shoreline. It's more like this is home, you, me, us, wherever we end up, and it's contempt what stretches their smiles to the point of blindness.

6 Marry You – Bruno Mars

"If I asked you to marry me right now, would you?"

"Are you high or something?"

Chansung laughs and slaps Junho on the ass, hard. "God, you're so dense sometimes."

Junho laughs. "Dude, if you're that bored, you can take me out for food, I'm starving."

Chansung rolls his eyes and chuckles. "Right, 'cause I'd ask you to marry me out of complete boredom."

"I guess I know you too well," Junho concedes with a laugh, and then decides to sit his gloriousness on top of Chansung. More like drop himself on top of Chansung, there. "And then answer would be yes, you emotionally challenged person."

7 Teeth – Lady Gaga

"Shit—" and that's as far as Junho articulates before he's moving, slow and insecure on top of Chansung. It's a messy, unsynchronized push and pull of hips but it makes Chansung see white at the back of his eyes, and he needs more, God, more—

"Bite, fuck, bite me," he croaks, rolling his hips down to meet Junho's and arching his neck back, encouraging him.

Junho makes a low, cock-throbbing sound at the back of his throat and then he buries his face in Chansung's neck, lips parting and—

Pain has never felt so good before.

8 Again & Again – 2PM

Junho is not sure why he's standing at Chansung's door again, or why is he walking inside with complete ease, or why he's letting himself be pushed against the wall, his shirt yanked open and—

Chansung smirks throughout the whole thing, even when he comes, moving inside Junho as liquid would, fitting around Junho perfectly.

It's a habit, maybe. Or an addiction. Junho doesn't know, he's too lazy to know or ask or demand an explanation. He lays on Chansung's bed and thinks of tomorrow, of how he'd be standing on the front door again, and how his heart will crack just a little more than it did today.

9 撐傘 (Holding an Umbrella) – Han Geng

They stay under the umbrella and lose track of time like many times before. Chansung doesn't mind the rain, or his wet shoulder or the little splashes of water when cars pass by. He holds onto Junho's hand tighter, he smiles wider, loves further and beyond and knows now and here is where he is supposed to be at, nowhere else.

"I love you."

It is Junho who always says it first, and it makes Chansung's heart soar under the rain.

10 Inside Out – Britney Spears

Junho knows what Chansung wants. Junho himself wants it as well. There's no pretense, no deception, just raw, obvious need.

He dives forwards, meets Chansung half way and presses their mouths together. It's a blur afterwards, Chansung has his back against the bed's headboard, he's panting hard and Junho is pounding into him as if his life's been depending on it—which it probably has.

Chansung clings to him and digs his nails on Junho's back and that's it.

"Scream yourself raw for me, Chansung," Junho breathes against a nipple.

Chansung does.