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[fic] 2PM: all night long

2K of PWP. You have been warned. Self explanatory title.

All night long
2pm ; chansung/nichkhun ; nc-17
~2000 w

In which Chansung is a tease, Nichkhun has a plane to catch, and neither gets any sleep.


Nichkhun narrows his eyes and grasps the bed-post with a trembling hand. His back is sore where he's half sitting half lying down but he doesn't really care.

"Chansung," he says, preemptively, but to no use because Chansung is a stubborn little fucker and there's no way he's going to listen to Nichkhun now. Not now.

Nichkhun's hips buck forwards at their own accord, trying to match the bows of Chansung's head, but it's almost impossible – almost, because Chansung is swirling his tongue around the head, and he hasn't even set up a pace yet, he's just sucking, and he's oh so good Nichkhun can't help but thrust anyways, as long as he's doing it into Chansung's hot, wet mouth.

"Damn it," he complains loudly, nudging Chansung's shoulder with his calf. His cock is so hard it hurts already and Chansung is just there, sucking slowly and lazily without a care in the world. "Damn it, stop teasing me already, you fucking... teasing... fucker."

Chansung laughs around Nichkhun and Nichkhun feels it vibrate around his cock, and—

"Aw, hyung," he says, pulling back with an obscene, loud pop, breath still caressing Nichkhun's very soft spots in a maddening way, "your eloquence's awe-inspiring, I swear."

"Shut up and fuck me already, damn it, I don't know what the hell you're—oh, oh, that's cheating," Nichkhun moans the last few words, feeling Chansung's lips curl around his cock once more, fist tight around the base to prevent him from coming— which is annoying in all the broad expanse of the fucking word, because Nichkhun wants to come, desperately wants to come, fucked or not, he doesn't even care anymore, he just wants the release and the exploding sensation and everything Chansung is keeping him away from.


"The word 'cheating' is not in my vocabulary," Chansung exhales against Nichkhun's navel, hand still around his cock. Nichkhun is this close from snapping and smothering the bastard with a pillow or a sheet, or even his own hands. He slides a hand up Chansung's arm, nails digging on his shoulder.

"Is the word 'cocktease' in your vocabulary? I think it is," Nichkhun bites back, just because he can, not because he means it. He knows engaging into an argument with Chansung right now is pointless since Nichkhun is way past the point of agreeing to anything as long as he gets to come in the end.

He tries to thrust into Chansung's hand but fails miserably. Chansung chuckles against his neck, lips pressed against the base of his throat, fist tightening just barely but enough to make Nichkhun moan wantonly.

"Okay, okay," Nichkhun relents, because his cock is seriously about to explode and he can't let that happen now, can he? He presses his mouth to Chansung's cheekbone, panting. "You're a saint and no bad words are written in your pure and pristine vocabulary. Can you fuck me now, please?"

Chansung laughs again, pulling away to grin at Nichkhun. Nichkhun wants to cry when Chansung, inches away, licks his lips.

"But we have all night, hyung. What's wrong with a little foreplay, huh?" He dives forwards again, nuzzling Nichkhun's collarbones as his free hand traces circles around a nipple. "Besides, I know you're enjoying this."

Truth is they don't have all night, Nichkhun has to be in Bangkok in seven – six hours. "Whether I'm enjoying it or not," and Nichkhun tries really hard not to moan around his words when Chansung presses his tongue, flat, against his left nipple, "is far beyond the point at hand. Or more likely: your hand."

Nichkhun can't believe this, can't believe he's holding (or trying to hold) a conversation with Chansung when he should be crying out in pleasure and getting a rather spectacular blowjob and/or the ride of his life. This kid's gonna be the end of me, he thinks feebly as Chansung laughs, low and seductively, against Nichkhun's chin.

Chansung nuzzles his way up until his forehead rests against Nichkhun's temple. His lips are just there, Nichkhun can already taste them, and can taste himself on them too, but somehow can't bring himself to tilt his head and claim a heated kiss; something in him is actually enjoying this wicked game and it's a really, really disturbing thought to grasp.

"Please?" Nichkhun exhales, and he's sure the shudder that just went through the both of them started in Chansung's neck. "Chansung, please."

And, really, Nichkhun deserves a pat on the back, because Chansung is suddenly thrusting his tongue into Nichkhun's mouth and Nichkhun is lightheaded enough to pretend this is all dream. But then Chansung's hand moves and Nichkhun sucks on Chansung's tongue following the rhythm, and Chansung's grunting and—

Nichkhun's knuckles are white where his fingers dig on Chansung's shoulder blades to pull him closer, and Chansung's hand slides from his chest down to his hip and around his thigh to hook Nichkhun's leg around his own hips. Nichkhun thinks he really is going to explode when the head of Chansung's cock prods his entrance, and he has to break away from Chansung's mouth to let out a hard pant.

"Fuck," he says, throwing his head back as Chansung's hand kneads itself on the insides of Nichkhun's thigh. He lets go of Nichkhun's cock to reach for the bottle of lube under Nichkhun's pillow and then he's slicking his own cock, eyes boring into Nichkhun's.

He leans in then, catches Nichkhun's lower lip between his teeth gently. "Only if you want to," he says, and Nichkhun can't believe how desperate he sounds when he shapes a hurried Yes against Chansung's upper lip.

Nichkhun spreads his legs wider, allows Chansung to press closer and slide a finger in and Nichkhun can come with just one of Chansung's fingers inside of him, he can, and he tells Chansung so. "Shit, I could come right now."

Chansung smirks and takes one of Nichkhun's hands, pressing his lips to the inside of his wrist before leading it down. "So could I," he says as Nichkhun curls his fingers around his cock and, Shit, Nichkhun thinks, biting down on his lip hard enough to flinch.

Nichkhun shakes his head when Chansung slides a second finger inside. "Fuck that, I don't care, just do it," he pants, flicking his wrist on Chansung's cock and arching off the bed when Chansung curls his finger on purpose. "Fuck me, now."

"It's gonna hurt," Chansung frowns slightly and Nichkhun has to smile, genuinely smile at this, because this is so Chansung—he cares even if they're both horndogs and aching for each other at the moment.

"Think about it this way," Nichkhun pants, flashing a mischievous grin at him while curling his free hand at the back of Chansung's head. He tugs Chansung closer, mouth against his ear. "I'm gonna be way tighter for your pretty, thick cock."

That has Chansung going and Nichkhun is actually mesmerized at how fast it gets Chansung to drop all care and spread Nichkhun's legs to the point of pain before nudging his entrance with the head of his slicked cock. Nichkhun braces himself because it is going to hurt, no matter how many times a week Chansung sneaks into his room in the middle of the night and fucks him into next morning.

Chansung positions himself while claiming Nichkhun's mouth with his own, and Nichkhun is almost distracted by the way Chansung licks around his mouth but then he feels it, feels Chansung's cock push into him, and it's too much, too much and not enough at the same time, and Nichkhun might be a masochist somewhere deep inside, but he doesn't care much right now and instead moans around Chansung's tongue, locking arms around his neck to pull Chansung closer, deeper, faster.

Chansung grips Nichkhun's hips when he's all the way in, buried balls deep, and Nichkhun wants to scream out, but not necessarily in pain. He nibbles on Chansung's lower lip and moves against him, too busy with Chansung's mouth to even ask him to move as he wraps his legs tighter around Chansung's waist.

Chansung pulls out half the way and then thrusts back in and Nichkhun cries out, both from pain and pleasure, and then Chansung's doing it again and Nichkhun thinks he might burst. He shuts his eyes and throws his head back when Chansung finds his prostrate, pressing an open mouthed kiss to his neck, and he's whispering something, something Nichkhun can't hear through the blood rushing from his brain to his balls, and oh, fuck, he's going to come soon, sooner than he wanted to—

A hand sneaks between them and for a moment Nichkhun thinks it's his own but then he recognizes Chansung's thick fingers, and the strokes are too slow, but then Chansung picks up his pace and he jerks Nichkhun off in time with his cock thrusting right into Nichkhun's prostrate hard enough Nichkhun wants to sob.

"Hyung," Chansung says hoarsely, and Nichkhun barely registers it because his moans are too loud and too high pitched and if someone could hear him reach those notes, really, they'd laugh. Chansung grunts against Nichkhun's ear and Nichkhun arches into him, "hyung, Nichkhun."

Nichkhun lets out a string of broken Thai, Korean, Japanese and perhaps a bit of French, pulling Chansung's mouth down on his own and then he's licking his way inside, over the roof, across the teeth, against Chansung's tongue. The thrusts loose pace for a bit when Nichkhun bites down on Chansung's lower lip, "Chansung, Chansung, fuck."

Chansung bites a "Shit, Khun," and it's coupled with a hard thrust and a sharp twist of his wrist around Nichkhun's cock, and Nichkhun moans louder he has in forever, which Chansung definitely takes as a good sign because he's ramming back in, pounding into Nichkhun so hard the bed creaks. Nichkhun's legs are numb and his hands are buried in Chansung's hair, keeping his head close and his mouth closer, and then they're kissing again, and Nichkhun can't take it anymore.

"Gonna come," he pants into Chansung's mouth, and Chansung nods once, his hand going faster and faster, hips the same, and then Nichkhun's balls tighten to the point of pain. He comes in Chansung's hand and distantly (like, at the furthest corner of his brain where there are no planes to catch come morning) berates himself for coming so fast, thinks it's even embarrassing but he puts little thought into it and instead focuses on the orgasm ripping through him.

It's white, perfect bliss, what Nichkhun goes through, and he doesn't want it to end. His body shudders uncontrollably against Chansung's, and his hips are still rolling as Chansung strokes him through the aftershocks, his fingertips teasing his balls so feather like Nichkhun's breath hitches.

He clenches around Chansung and Chansung hisses, his movements steeling, and Nichkhun mouths his way to Chansung's ear, breath quicken and damp, "Come, just come, do it."

And Chansung does, comes inside Nichkhun, and Nichkhun thinks he's having a second orgasm in only three minutes when warmth fills him up and Chansung, mouth against his cheek, lets out a soft mewl that's both needy and pleasured. It's too much and Nichkhun doesn't know what to do with himself, so he just moves against Chansung, helps him ride the orgasm for as long as he possibly can, hands firmly cemented on Chansung's lower back, hips moving relentlessly.

"Fuck, that was mind blowing," Chansung says hoarsely a couple of minutes later, and he sounds as spent as Nichkhun feels.

"Indeed it was," Nichkhun agrees without missing a beat, and kisses the crook of Chansung's neck. "But you're crushing your most favorite part of me so kindly get off me now, you giant."

Chansung laughs, nudging Nichkhun gently in the ribs as he pulls out (Nichkhun winces and refuses to let out any pained sounds) and lies next to him, pulling the box of tissues from Nichkhun's night-stand to clean his hand off.

"You know," he says, tone noncommittal (which Nichkhun almost falls for). "Sucks you have to take a plane in a few hours."

Nichkhun is still trying to catch his breath by the time he manages to ask, "What do you mean?"

"I wouldn't mind a round two," Chansung smirks, and Nichkhun thinks, Fuck it, I can sleep on the plane, as he rolls over and straddles Chansung's hips.

"Well come on, then," he grins, griping Chansung's cock and hovering above him, mouths close, "get hard for me, will ya?"

Chansung does so incredibly fast.