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[fic] B1A4: light up (but don't set us on fire)

A quick drabble I came up with after I watched "Did you hear about the Morgans?"

Light up (but don't set us on fire)
b1a4 ; cnu (band fic) ; g
~400 w

In which the kids go out camping. Sort of.


Dongwoo should've foreseen this. No, really, he should have, because that's what Dongwoo does, he thinks ahead, but this—this, this has no excuse.

"You set the tent on fire," he says flatly, staring at Chansik, Sunwoo and Junghwan. The three of them are standing in line, in between Dongwoo and Jinyoung, and the ashy remains of their tent.

"But we didn't mean to, hyung," Chansik says in a small voice, fidgeting with the strings of his jacket. "It... got out of control."

Jinyoung looks from the tent to the three of them to Dongwoo so fast Dongwoo thinks his neck is going hurt in the morning. "Uh," Jinyoung says tentatively, scratching the back of his neck. "We can sleep out in the open, I guess."

"They set the tent on fire," Dongwoo says again, because it seems like they haven't realized that yet, they have set the tent on fire. They're going to get eaten by wolves, or coyotes, or god forbid, bears.

Dongwoo really should've foreseen something like this happening.

"Yah, Dongwoo, are you okay?" Jinyoung asks again.

"THEY HAVE SET THE TENT ON FIRE," Dongwoo squeals, but very, very, very manly. "We're going to die, the bears are going to eat us, I refuse to be eaten by a bear."

"Hyung," Sunwoo says, wrinkling his nose, "there are no bears in here. This is the backyard of Junghwan's grandma, and I think we're still in Seoul, this isn't India—"

"No bears in India, either," Chansik supplies quickly.

"—or Africa, or whatever, shut up, Chansik."

"Dongwoo, please, calm down, okay," Jinyoung tries, waving a hand to make Sunwoo and Chansik stop their little quibble about India and Africa or whatever, really, the only way they'll get to run into a bear is if they break into Seoul Zoo or something like that, and can't Sunwoo just shut up?

Dongwoo runs a hand through his hair, desperately wishing for a paper bag to breathe into. "I think I'm gonna pass out."

"Guys," Junghwan says then, rolling his eyes, "you're overreacting. Come on, let's bribe my grandma and her mahong friends into letting us use the TV in the living room to watch a movie, okay? Here, have a paper bag, hyung."

Dongwoo vows never to go out camping with this horde of fire addicts. Except for Jinyoung, maybe, Jinyoung is still a little bit saner.

(Chansik manages to burn the microwave popcorn, Sunwoo makes the DVD player explode and Junghwan breaks one his grandma's porcelain figures while trying to cover the blown-up device.

"It'll all work out," Jinyoung pats his back again, voice clipped, "we'll be alright."

Dongwoo lets out a disgusting sob.)