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[fic] B1A4: cannonball

Part one of [livejournal.com profile] sai12's honorary birthday presents XD.

b1a4 ; cnu/jinyoung ; nc-17
~1200 w, college au

In which Jinyoung is the basketball team's Captain and Dongwoo is the new kid. Sex ensues.


Jinyoung's pretty sure he's never seen that guy before. He's got dark hair and fair skin, the sleeveless shirt he's wearing clings to his lanky (sweaty!) frame like a second skin and it makes Jinyoung wonder—

Jinyoung clears his throat and looks away from The Guy.

"Jung," the coach calls, and Jinyoung thrusts his towel on Sunwoo's face as he stands up and jogs towards him, just to have an excuse for his heartbeats to be so loud and erratic.

"Sir," Jinyoung says when he approached the coach, nodding his head.

"I have a favor to ask," the coach says, and Jinyoung stills because whenever the coach asks for a favor Jinyoung ends up with bruises all over and Sunwoo's raucous laughter echoing inside his skull for days. "This is Dongwoo, he's a transfer student and he's quite good but I need him to be in shape for the first match of the season. Can you give him a hand?"

Jinyoung takes two seconds to tilt his head and get a look of whoever this Dongwoo kid is and he doesn't know he's nodding to the coach in agreement until Dongwoo's – The Guy's – eyes catch his.

"Shit," he breathes.

"All right, then, Dongwoo this is Jinyoung, he's the team captain," the coach waves a hand on Jinyoung's direction.

Dongwoo stares at him unabashedly and Jinyoung almost wants to holler for Sunwoo and his towel because he feels exposed as fuck and he doesn't appreciate it, no sir. "Hey," Dongwoo nods his head in greeting, thrusting his hand up towards Jinyoung. "Shin Dongwoo."

It's like Jinyoung is back on the tenth grade and trying to ask his crush out for Homecoming. He slaps himself mentally because 1) this isn't high school anymore, and 2) he doesn't have a crush on Dongwoo. Preposterous, his brain screeches.

"Jung Jinyoung," he says curtly, and shakes Dongwoo's hand. "Let's see what you can do, then, shall we."


Dongwoo is good. He's lean and fast (faster than Junghwan when he's not tripping on his own laces) and somehow he manages to fucking dunk thrice and break past Sunwoo's blocking more than four times (which doesn't happen often, Jinyoung admits begrudgingly, nodding when Chansik makes the same remark).

"Sunwoo's going easy on him," Jinyoung says off-handedly, and doesn't say anything else when Chansik just rolls his eyes at him with a loud snort.

"Okay, you're good," Jinyoung says when half the team has regrouped, throwing a bottle of water at Dongwoo like good captains do. He tries not to stare as Dongwoo takes a gulp and his Adam's apple bobs under the sweaty skin of his throat.

"Thanks," the corners of Dongwoo's mouth lift up into a smile and Jinyoung's stomach clenches. Fucking preposterous, his brain screeches again.

"I'll need your classes schedule to figure out how to add you into practice," Jinyoung says then, and throws a nasty look at Sunwoo's brow waggle.

Dongwoo nods and says something like yeah, okay, Jinyoung'll have it by the end of the day because Dongwoo's forgot it back in his room, and Jinyoung nods back, "You can drop it off in my room, I'm on building B, room 205."

"You do know that's Coach's job, don't you," Sunwoo says after Dongwoo's left and Jinyoung's done staring at his retreating ass, which okay, he'd intended to do, Sunwoo can stop leering, really.

Jinyoung shrugs. "I'm a fit captain, I'll have you know. Now get the fuck into the showers, man, you stink."

Sunwoo laughs and winks at him, "You should, too, your boner is quite appalling."

Jinyoung throws a ball at the back of his head.


Jinyoung is in the middle of chewing down a mouthful of chips when there's a knock on his door. Judging by the time it's probably Junghwan coming to fetch Sunwoo for a Videogame Match That Turns into Us Kissing Senseless In front Of Jinyoung Just to Annoy the Fuck out Of Him, hence he just hollers "Come in!" from his bed.

When the door opens and Dongwoo pokes his head in, though, Jinyoung chews the wrong way and somehow manages to bite down on his own tongue.

"Ow, fuck," he mumbles as Dongwoo closes the door behind him with a "Hey," clearly oblivious to Jinyoung's mangled tongue.

"I got you my schedule," Dongwoo says then, waving a sheet of paper around. "I'm only taking four classes so I guess it'll be easier?"

Jinyoung nods, shoving his bag of chips and his laptop away as he sits up and motions for Dongwoo to sit down wherever he can find room with a wave of his hand. "Probably, but you don't wanna spend your time locked up in the gym either, trust me."

Dongwoo laughs (it's a nice one, very fresh and nothing like Jinyoung's other friends'—yes, yes, preposterous, I know, he informs the little voice inside his head with a frown) from Sunwoo's bed, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his jean clad thighs and hand his schedule over. "I'd rather that than spending five more minutes stuck in my room, trust me."

Jinyoung looks up from the paper in his hands and finds Dongwoo looking at him with a careful smile. It sets shakes on his hands, and he turns the schedule around to cover up for them.

"You busy now?" he asks, batting the alarms going off inside his head with a frown. This is something he shouldn't be doing, this is something worth being kicked out of the team for, and as much as he fights with them, Jinyoung's actually very fond of everyone in his team.

And his captain band.

Dongwoo raises an eyebrow and Jinyoung can't help but think of it as a silent dare, and Jinyoung's never been one to back down on a dare, let alone to back down on a dare which might entail Good Times for Jinyoung.

"What do you have in mind?" Dongwoo asks, voice dead serious and full of promises Jinyoung can't quite strain away from thinking of.

He shrugs. "Let's just say every new recruit must go through some sort of test."

Jinyoung doesn't mean to, but he licks his lower lip. Yeah, okay, okay, he totally meant to.

Dongwoo smiles slyly (Jinyoung's mouth waters), and nods. "You lead, I follow."


"And that's ten for you," Jinyoung pants, throwing a lazy smirk at Dongwoo, "eleven for me."

Dongwoo shakes his head, wiggling his forefinger at Jinyoung's face. "You cheated that last time, I saw you."

Jinyoung cracks a laugh and shakes his head as he dribbles the ball around. "I have no idea what you're talking about." He flashes a smile at Dongwoo, "Come on, then, Dongwoo, stop bitching and be a man."

Dongwoo smiles a sheepish smile (Jinyoung's knees go weak and he loses his footing for about 0.5 seconds and prays to all gods he's heard of Dongwoo hasn't noticed) and nods. "All right, Mr. Captain, let's play some, shall we."

Eventually, Jinyoung loses the ball far more than he's been trained to and scores a total of four baskets (while Dongwoo does about six, the motherfucker), and he's not even surprised when Dongwoo smirks at him from the center circle, the mid afternoon sun faintly glowing off his sweaty skin.

Jinyoung choking around his own tongue at the sight is probably the understatement of the century.

"I guess I win," Dongwoo hollers as Jinyoung stands under the basket.

Jinyoung rolls his eyes, like good captains do. "I let you win."

"Y'know," Dongwoo starts as he dribbles the ball towards Jinyoung (and showing off his biceps a bit, which Jinyoung doesn't really mind, if he's to be honest), stopping a few feet away. His eyes are careful, and Jinyoung feels like he's being measured, in a way.

"When you said test I didn't think you meant a quick afternoon game," Dongwoo's mouth quirks.

Jinyoung raises an eyebrow, crossing his arms over his chest as Dongwoo steps a little closer. Truth is, though, he hadn't meant a quick afternoon game either but he'd come to his senses soon enough to think of consequences and he'd gone through enough trouble when coach found out about Sunwoo fucking Junghwan in the showers to even think of fucking Dongwoo in them as well.

He kind of hates Sunwoo a lot right now.

"Is that so?" he asks, tilting his head sideways. "May wanna reconsider the whole thinking thing, then, dude. Looks like you're crap at it."

Instead of looking insulted, Dongwoo steps closer, and closer, until all that's between them is the ball Dongwoo's holding in his hands. (Jinyoung loathes the ball, seriously.)

He smirks. "And you may wanna think about this attitude you're sporting, considering you've been staring at my ass since we left your room."

Jinyoung mutters "Fuck it all," when Dongwoo drops the ball (it's kind of ironic, all things considered) and backs him against the pole of the basketball hoop to kiss him hard.


They make it back to Jinyoung's room quite quickly considering the court is at fifteen minutes' walk. Jinyoung pushes the door open praying Sunwoo (and Junghwan) aren't in there or else he might choke him to death, and he's relieved when he finds it empty, which means he can actually strip naked and let Dongwoo fuck him into next week.

He doesn't put up much of a fight when Dongwoo pins him to the door and sucks bruises all over his neck, nor does he complain when Dongwoo's hand cups him, heavy and hot, through his shorts.

"Shit," he moans when Dongwoo presses the hilt of his hand down on Jinyoung's cock, whispering, "Imagine my mouth there, Jinyoung."

"Bed," he thrusts into Dongwoo's palm, the friction all kinds of perfect, "bed, bed, now."

When the back of Jinyoung's calves hit the mattress, his shirt and Dongwoo's have somehow found their ways off, and as he runs his hands up Dongwoo's back, mapping every dip and hollow as he presses in impossibly closer, Jinyoung thinks he's going to explode with want.

"Want you," he rasps as Dongwoo straddles his hips, his mouth—his tongue busy with Jinyoung's collarbones and his hands sliding his shorts down slow enough to drive Jinyoung mad. "Dongwoo, fuck, please—"

He bucks his hips upwards at the same time Dongwoo pushes down and then Jinyoung's gone. Dongwoo fucks him nice and slow, takes his time within each thrust (Jinyoung kind of hates him for it, like, at the furthest corner of his brain that hasn't been invaded by Dongwoo's tongue—or cock, if we get picky—yet), his fingertips ghosting around Jinyoung's nipples so featherlike Jinyoung finds himself on the verge of screaming his throat raw with all the sensations budding up inside of him.

He holds onto Dongwoo's shoulders when the pace quickens, tightens the grip of his thighs around Dongwoo's waist to get him deeper, faster, better, and shoves his tongue past his lips to map the insides of Dongwoo's mouth once again.

Jinyoung moans, feeling Dongwoo's cock fill him from the inside out, burying himself so deep Jinyoung's sure he'll feel him on his tongue for days to come (or at least until Jinyoung actually gets his mouth on Dongwoo's cock, which he kind of hopes he does, most preferably later today), and it's sick, how much he feels when Dongwoo's nothing but a stranger.

When Jinyoung comes, it's with Dongwoo's tongue tracing the shell of his ear, his voice, raw and husky, shaping a, "Come for me, Mr. Captain," and his hand wrapped tightly around Jinyoung's cock; and then Jinyoung feels Dongwoo's cock slide further and that's it—perfect bliss and white and Jinyoung's so high he wants to scream.


"That's what I thought you meant in the first place," Dongwoo says a while later, his finger drawing random patterns on Jinyoung's back.

Jinyoung grunts but scoots closer for warmth despite the room being two degrees away from My Balls Are Scorching. "Shut up, why are you talking, you just fucked my brains out, shut up."

Dongwoo snorts but actually stays quiet, which Jinyoung appreciates very much, and he's already drifting off into a boneless sleep when—

"Is this a one-time thing?" Dongwoo asks.

Jinyoung considers it for about three seconds before wiggling around and facing Dongwoo, who's staring at the ceiling with such determination it makes Jinyoung crack a smile.

"If you stay quiet for the next eight to ten hours and buy me breakfast tomorrow," he props himself on his elbow and leans in to nuzzle Dongwoo's chest, "I might consider making this a full-time deal."

Dongwoo hums in thought. "Define breakfast."

Jinyoung bites his lower lip and thinks of implications and possible consequences (Sunwoo's never gonna let this one go) but then Dongwoo's finger brushes a strand of hair out of his forehead and Jinyoung finds himself not giving two shits about consequences.

He smacks Dongwoo's chest. "A date, you idiot."

Dongwoo's grin is blinding.