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[fic] TVXQ/JYJ: these silly killjoys

Inspired on this fanart from [livejournal.com profile] asukasukisu's fanartspasm. My take on Christmas-y Jaemin. :D I haven't written TVXQ-related fic in forever but this was fun to write. \o/

Concrit is appreciated! 

These silly killjoys
tvxq/jyj ; changmin/jaejoong ; pg13
1818 w
In which Jaejoong is a killjoy. And there's snow.


"Come on," Jaejoong says, wrapping the scarf tighter around his neck. Changmin almost thinks he's trying to choke himself to death (because it's what he's been trying to do for the past five minutes). "We're gonna be horribly late and then Junsu will go all pouty on us."

Changmin scoffs because, really, he couldn't care less if Junsu throws a tantrum right in the middle of restaurant -- he'd even join in, all things considered.

"It's bloody freezing out there, Jaejoong, I am not leaving this room, or this apartment, not even the build-- ow."

Jaejoong waves his other slipper threateningly. Changmin pouts. "You're such a killjoy, I'm sure Junsu would want to spend his engagement dinner with his girlfriend, not us-- ow!"

"You have five minutes to get up and get dressed."



Really, Jaejoong can be such a killjoy sometimes.


Junsu's smile is face-splitting when he stands and greets them. His cheeks are flushed and warm, his hair mused slightly and Changmin would make a joke but he looks happy, the happiest he's seen Junsu in a while, and what a douche move it'd be.

Instead, he hugs Junsu one armed, "Hey, sorry we're late, Jaejoong couldn't pick what to dress. How's the food?"

"It's great," Junsu laughs, loud and obnoxious and all of a sudden Changmin feels a bit better about being here. "Sit, sit, we just ordered."

Changmin smiles and kisses Eunmi's cheek as he walks behind her seat, who beams up at him from Jaejoong's bear hug. "Hello, dork," she says, her eyes bright.

"Hey, now," Changmin scoffs, and yelps when Jaejoong pinches his thigh. "I'm still your older brother, you know."

"What he means is he's a dork," Jaejoong says with a smirk as he sits down, and Changmin just sends a glare at him.

"I hate you," he says fondly. "I'm breaking up with you, you're mean."

Jaejoong just smiles sweetly at him, the wanker. "Love you, too."


"Changmin, you have to get up now."

"No, I don't," Changmin grumbles into the pillow, and hugs the comforters tighter around his body.

"Yes you do because if I'm right -- and there's a 99% probability I am -- you have a final in less than," Jaejoong pauses, Changmin pretends to let out a loud snore, "twenty-five minutes."

"I hate university," Changmin grumbles again, making Jaejoong laugh from somewhere in their tiny flat. "I hate it, I hate it, I hate it."

"Noted," Jaejoong hollers -- probably from the kitchen, "now get up."

Twenty-five minutes later, Changmin sits in the middle row of the class, sheet with stuff scribbled all over, and brain as foggy as it was thirty minutes ago. He sighs, picking up his pen, and settles more comfortably into the chair, bracing himself for the next two and a half hours of literature torture. 

Jaejoong is so paying for this, even if Changmin's final test of the semester


"I'm gonna ace it," he says against the phone, walking out of the literature building. It's raining a bit and Changmin sighs forlornly at his lack of umbrella because the longer he walks, the heavier the rain gets. "Damn it."

"What, what, what," Jaejoong says from the other side of the line, and Changmin can hear Yoochun in the back making loud, inappropriate nurse jokes. "Wait, let me-- no, I'll be right back," there's a bit of rustling, then a door closing, and finally Jaejoong sighs, "Oh, hey, it's raining."

"Yeah, and I forgot my umbrella," Changmin tries not to, but it's hard not to pout in a situation like this. "I'll be soaked by then time I get to the bus station."

"I leave in twenty, I'll get you some coffee, yeah?" He chuckles, breathless and tingly. "Try not to drown? I had to witness my resident pound three litters of water out of a man's lungs today."

Changmin gasps. "You did not."

"Okay, it was the dummy but who cares, don't drown, Changmin, drowning is unholy, okay, I don't wanna be alone and mourning in Christmas, that's pretty fucking sad--"

"I'm gonna go now," Changmin says flatly, but he's grinning so wide his cheeks are numb. But it's partly the cold, Jaejoong shouldn't get all the credit.

"I'll be home soon," Jaejoong says softly. "And then I will give you a celebratory blow-job for being such an A-hoarder student."

Scratch that, Jaejoong gets all the credit in the world.


Two days before Christmas, Jaejoong decides they go out on a Christmas Shopping Spree -- Changmin shivers at the thought, to be honest. He isn't really against the idea but he's not necessarily into it, either. It's a 50-50 situation.

"Christmas shopping spree," he says tonelessly, thinking back of the times he used to do it with his mom. "You want to go out shopping. Now. Now when it's eight below out there and I just put on my pajamas and got into bed."

"Eunmi called and--"

"I told you not to ever listen to what she says, she's evil--"

"--there is this pretty fair just a block away from Banpo bridge and we haven't done anything in forever and I finally got a night off." Jaejoong pads closer from the small hallway, eyes earnest. "Come on? Please? We don't even have to shop."

Changmin rolls his eyes like he can't help it because he really can't help it, not when it comes to Jaejoong. "Then it wouldn't be a Christmas shopping spree now, would it?"

Jaejoong grins, bright and white like a Christmas morning, and flops on top of Changmin. "You're great. Have I told you that recently?" he leans closer, kisses Changmin on the lips feather-like. "Because you are. Great, I mean."

Changmin shrugs, wraps his arms around Jaejoong's middle. "It's been said once or twice. Should be done more often, though, so I don't forget."

Jaejoong laughs loudly, even when Changmin rolls on top of him and kisses him breathless.


The fair is pretty. It's got everything, from books to Christmas-y stuff, to melons and fish cakes to clothes. Changmin remembers doing this long ago, barely eleven years old, his mom running from tent to tent, his sisters and him trailing along after her.

"Just like the old days," Eunmi says from his left, and he chuckles.

"Yeah," except now it's just the two of them while Sunmi and his mom are off having fun in Europe. "Have you heard from mom?"

"Oh, she's great, says Sunmi got her hair dyed in Paris. It's green now, apparently," Eunmi sighs, shaking her head.

Changmin laughs. "The young, wild and free." Jaejoong chooses that exact moment to waltz their way, Junsu trailing behind him like a lost puppy, three bags of Christmas shopping in each hand. "I see you guys had fun."

Jaejoong nods, holding a lollipop out for Changmin. Grape. Nice. "We did. Junsu will say he didn't but we totally did. I saw him grinning like a maniac when he bought that atrocious dolphin shaped bowl."

Eunmi lets out a loud cackle, taking a couple of bags from Junsu. "Aw, it'll match the dolphin themed rug you gave us last year."

Junsu pouts. "Can we just go?"

Changmin is nodding by the time Jaejoong says, "Ooh, look! They sell violins there, I want a violin!"


"You don't know how to play the violin," Changmin says. Nudging Jaejoong's hip with his.

Jaejoong laughs, staggering a few steps away. "I will learn and become famous and dump your small ass, just you wait."

"Won't, you love my ass."

Changmin grins victoriously when Jaejoong doubles over with laughter, his shoulders shaking wildly under his three layers of clothing, his voice breathy and joyful as he says, "Yeah, I love your ass."

Jaejoong scoots closer to his arm when it starts to snow, and they walk like this, pressed side by side until they reach the park in front of their building. Changmin's nose is numb when Jaejoong grabs his arm softly and turns him around, making Changmin startle and the bags he's holding rattle noisily.

"What's wrong?" he asks, heart in his throat, because maybe it's a robber or an ax killer or a kidnapper or--

"Nothing," Jaejoong says, he's smiling softly, like he's got a secret.

Changmin's heart goes back to where it's supposed to be, his beats slowing steadily. It's kind of weird, he thinks, how ever since Jaejoong is around his heart can go from steady to frenzied and back and it hasn't turned into a medical condition of sorts.

"Your nose is frozen," Jaejoong laughs quietly, suddenly right in Changmin's space, their foreheads pressed together. He unwraps his giant scarf from around his neck and throws it half around Changmin's and half around his neck again. It's warm and fluffy and it smells like Jaejoong.

"Hey, if your nose falls off, can I get it on video?"

"Shut up," Changmin pouts, "it's not going to fall off."

"It could. Lots of toes get cut off in Christmas time at the hospital, don't you know?" Jaejoong is shaking with repressed laughter, Changmin can feel it growing from his belly and all the way to his shoulders, up his neck and around his throat.

"Are you going to kiss me or do I have to hear another horrible med-student-story first?" Changmin nuzzles Jaejoong's (warm!) nose with his, smiling widely, stepping impossibly closer to Jaejoong's body, the bags rattling merrily around them.

Jaejoong pulls back, as much as the scarf will let him. "Yah, they are not horrible, they are very educational." He sticks out his lower lip in a pout, aiming his fist at Changmin's shoulder.

It doesn't make it, though, because when Changmin tries to dodge, the scarf won't let him and the bags get in his way and the next thing he knows is he's on his butt, the snow cold and hard under him and Jaejoong warm but still heavy as fuck on top of him.

"Oh, god," he groans, and lets go of the bags because they can get soaked for all he cares now. "I think I broke something."

Jaejoong laughs, the vibrations of his chest seeping through Changmin's clothes until they reach bone. "Good thing I'm in med school, then."

"Now would be a great time to get a kiss," Changmin says, puckering his lips at Jaejoong, who just shakes his head in reply.

Changmin doesn't stop, though, and when Jaejoong smiles down at him, there are tiny snowflakes caught in his lashes. "You're hopeless, my friend."

"It's a family thing," Changmin grins. "Now kiss me or get off me because my ass is frozen already. God, I don't think we'll ever have sex, I seriously can't feel it anymore."

Jaejoong drops his head on Changmin's chest, laughing. "Man, you're such a killjoy."

"Can't believe this," Changmin cries out, laughing despite himself. "You're seriously one to talk, you wanker, I swear--"

Jaejoong shuts him up with a loud, wet kiss.