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[fic] 2PM: let this die

Flashfic with[livejournal.com profile] rainbwoo

Let this die
2pm ; nichkhun/wooyoung ; r
~400 words, au
prompt: Pretty words are not always true; and true words are not always pretty.


"I love you."

Nichkhun blinks sleepily, stirring a bit as something warm trickles his cheekbone and temple. There's something pressing against the small of his back softly, fingers drawing lazy patterns and circles and letters Nichkhun is too drowsy to decipher.

"I love you."

A tired sigh breaks past the stiffness of his body, and he rolls slightly to his side, facing Wooyoung with what he hopes is a tired gaze. "You say that quite a lot."

Wooyoung looks put off for a moment, long enough for Nichkhun to watch years and years of lies cracking slightly. "Is that a bad thing?"

The thing is Nichkhun lost sight of the line that breaks good from bad long ago.

"Only if you don't mean it."

He stares deeply into Wooyoung's eyes, tries to find something in them, something that can reassure Nichkhun this isn't only for the weekend, this isn't Wooyoung lying to his wife and making up a business trip just so they can be together away from the real world—their real lives.

It's sad and disappointing and slightly mortifying to find nothing—nothing.

"I do," Wooyoung says after a lengthy pause. It doesn't make a difference and Wooyoung knows this, Nichkhun can see it in the little upturn of the corner of his mouth. "I do, but—"

"Don't," Nichkhun shakes his head. Don't do this because we'll both regret it. Don't do this because it's breaking us enough already. "Just don't."

He should get up. He should get up, get his things and go back to Seoul, probably move out of his apartment and get a new one, but—But Wooyoung's hand is still warm and present on his lower back and it's comforting yet annoying at the same time and Nichkhun doesn't really have enough brainpower to deal with it.

So he does the unthinkable, reaches for Wooyoung's arm to draw him closer, to pull him over, and kisses him deeply, deeper, deeper until Wooyoung is breathing through him, through them, until Wooyoung is holding the pillows under Nichkhun's head for dear life.

Wooyoung pulls away first, chest heaving and lips swollen, breaths ragged. He rests his forehead against Nichkhun's, and he's shaking slightly where he's using his arms for support. "I love you. I do, but this is all I can give."

Nichkhun nods, heart in his throat, and closes his eyes again.

"I love you, but it isn't enough."

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