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Since LJ seems to be still on hangover from New Year's, I'll post this here instead :3 I'm still not done writing half of these but I'm doing my best, yes? ;w; I PROMISE TO WRITE THEM ALL.

Dearest Sai, I know you wanted shower room sex but instead you get lots of sexscenaries plus fluff. Is that good or. Your Jindeul is being worked on, too!! MERRY CHRISTMAS, LOVE <3

Nothing like you and I | for [livejournal.com profile] saibear12
b1a4 ; jinyoung/cnu ; nc-17 r
1890 w
In which it's not just sex.

Jinyoung wakes up to a hand wrapped loosely around his cock. )
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Rec lists. Every fandom should have one. No, really. I've wanted to make a Chanho Rec List since forever and I just got off uni and have zilch things to do until March, hence this. Truth be told, there aren't as many Chanho fics as I'd like to rec but here, have the ones I always reread when I feel the world is making no sense and I need that sense of tangible Chanho feels. 

I'm thinking about making a Khunyoung one as well because they're both my OTPs. But we'll see.

And it'd be lovely if you'd rec fics back! \o/ I know AO3/AsianFanfics have a few that I haven't read so, if you have, tell me if they're goodawesometearinspiring.

Enjoy/share/boomark/rape/burn/whatever you please.

What by who
Rating, extra info (word count/AU).
What is it about | Where?
Commentary (?).

seriously, we all need to stop everything we're doing and write chanho. NO, I MEAN IT. IDC IF YOU HAVE JOB/SCHOOL TO ATTEND, THE WORLD NEEDS CHANHO.  )
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Inspired on this fanart from [livejournal.com profile] asukasukisu's fanartspasm. My take on Christmas-y Jaemin. :D I haven't written TVXQ-related fic in forever but this was fun to write. \o/

Concrit is appreciated! 

These silly killjoys
tvxq/jyj ; changmin/jaejoong ; pg13
1818 w
In which Jaejoong is a killjoy. And there's snow.

"Come on," Jaejoong says, wrapping the scarf tighter around his neck.  )
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B1A4B1A4B1A4 )


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I have no idea when I wrote this. Which is good because I have no idea why I wrote it either. All I remember is this was done back in the Music and Lyrics era (just because there's a brief Soeun mention lol). Yeah, possibly. Anyways, whether you've watched Game of Thrones or not is not important, all you gotta keep in mind is (around half of if?) this (nsf! nsfw! nsfw!) vid.

Also, I miss Drogo. :(

No title because I'm lazy and how do you title something like this anyways?!
2pm ; chansung/junho ; pg13
~500 w

In which there's a GoT marathon.
Chansung is in the middle of his Game of Thrones marathon when Junho literally stumbles his way into the living room, reeking of soju. )

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