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a masterlist of sorts

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+ 2PM
No title because I'm lazy and how do you title something like this anyways?!
chansung/junho ; pg13
In which there's a GoT marathon. (go.)

These iron bars can't hold my soul in
chansung/junho ; r
AU, In which Junho and Chansung turn the wrong way somewhere down the road. (go.)

Not drunk enough to say I like you
chansung/junho ; pg13
AU, In which drunken sex happens: Junho can't deal with it like a grown-up, Chansung is pretty much the same, and Jia is the best friend who provides wise and helpful advice in times of need. Oh, and there are lots of swearing. (go.)

But hold me still (bury my heart on the cold)
chansung/junho ; r
AU-ish, In which Junho leaves 2PM out of nowhere, and Chansung thinks prolonging the inevitable is inevitable. (go.)

We've got this down
chansung/junho ; r
In which Junho is hopeless and Chansung doesn't seem to mind. (go.)

When it rains
chansung/junho ; pg13
AU, In which no one ever stays long enough to explain. (go.)

To the beat of our noisy hearts
chansung/junho ; pg
In which Chansung goes through First Concert Anxiety and so does Junho. (go.)

chansung/junho ; pg
In which Junho blushes and Chansung is annoying. (go.)

The mourning after
chansung/junho ; r
In which things aren't fine come morning. (go.)

Brothers on a hotel bed
chansung/wooyoung(/junho) ; r
In which there's dry humping. And Junho is a voyeur. (go.)

All night long
chansung/nichkhun ; nc-17
In which Chansung is a tease, Nichkhun has a plane to catch, and neither gets any sleep. (go.)

Let this die
nichkhun/wooyoung ; r
AU, In which pretty words are not always true, and true words are not always pretty. (go.)

nichkhun/wooyoung ; pg
In which Wooyoung draws a line. (go.)

The best of false intentions
nichkhun/wooyoung ; pg
In which they argue, but not really. And, Junsu is a creep. (go.)

This is the future
nichkhun/wooyoung ; g
In which Wooyoun can see the future. (go.)

The Break Series
nichkhun/wooyoung ; pg13
In which a heart breaks. (part one | part two | part three)
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Hot issue
nichkhun/wooyoung ; pg13
In which Wooyoung is a flirt and Nichkhun doesn't appreciate it. (go.)

Torn in two
(2pm/t-ara) taecyeon/eunjung, wooyoung/eunjung ; pg
In which Taecyeon likes her. (go.)

(2pm/jay park) taecyeon/jay ; pg
In which there's a phone call. (go.)

Maybe we're all dreaming
(2pm/jay park) taecyeon/jay ; pg
In which Jay has a dream. (go.)

All we are
(2pm/jay park) taecyeon/jay ; pg
In which this is just a moment of change. (go.)

One of a kind
taecyeon/soohyun ; g
In which Taecyeon has never seen a dude cry so much in his entire life. (go.)

Don't want the night to end
(2pm/miss a) taecyeon/suzy ; g
In which they kiss. And then do it again. (go.)

One in a million
wooyoung/taecyeon ; r
In which Taecyeon is straight. No, really. (go.)

She brings me love
(2pm/kara) wooyoung/hara ; g
In which it's love at first sight. (go.)

A kiss that isn't and one that is
(2pm/iu) wooyoung/iu ; g
In which Wooyoung kindamaybesortayes wants to kiss Jieun. (go.)

wooyoung/junho ; pg
AU, In which Junho is a math genius, Wooyoung is not, and books hurt people more than they should. (go.)

+ B1A4
Blind date
baro/jinyoung ; pg
AU, In which Jinyoung lets Dongwoo set him up. (go.)

cnu/jinyoung ; nc-17
AU, In which Jinyoung is the basketball team's Captain and Dongwoo is the new kid. Sex ensues. (go.)

Light up (but don't set us on fire)
cnu (band fic) ; g
In which the kids go out camping. Sort of. (go.)

cnu/baro ; r
In which things aren't awkward at all. (go.)

chansik ; g
In which no one gets Chansik's artistic ways. (go.)

Be The One (And Only)
junghwan (cnu/jinyoung) ; pg13
In which Junghwan is a dedicated donsaeng and tries to get Jinyoung and Dongwoo together, Sunwoo makes snarky comments at the weirdest of times, and Chansik threatens to move out (more than once). (go.)

junghwan, jinyoung ; g
In which there's a 6AM Wake Up Call and Jinyoung Dongwoo is a bad hyung. (go.)

These silly killjoys
changmin/jaejoong ; pg13
In which Jaejoong is a killjoy. And there's snow. (go.)

100 Fic Challenge (go.)

(sjm) band fic ; g
In which Han Geng needs vacations. (go.)

The night starts here
han geng/heechul ; r
In which Han Geng leaves. (go.)

Motivational reading
heechul, hongki ; pg13
In which Heechul and Hongki read fic and angry sex is apparently the new trend. (go.)

Keep holding on ('cause you know i'm here for you)
(super junior/tvxq) kibum/changmin ; pg
In which there's a transcontinental phonecall. (go.)

The Make A Run For It Series
kibum/donghae ; pg13
In which Kibum should've done a lot of things. (one | two | + )
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Got your words in me
kibum/donghae ; r
In which it's been long since the last time. (go.)

I need you physically around
kibum/donghae ; g
In which Donghae needs him. (go.)

We're everything we need
(sjm) kyuhyun/zhou mi ; g
In which there's a late call, some bickering, and a bit of love. (go.)

(sjm) henry/ryeowook ; g
In which Henry cracks and Ryeowook is there to put him back together. (go.)

Little facts
various ; g
In which Hyukjae notices things. (go.)