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Since LJ seems to be still on hangover from New Year's, I'll post this here instead :3 I'm still not done writing half of these but I'm doing my best, yes? ;w; I PROMISE TO WRITE THEM ALL.

Dearest Sai, I know you wanted shower room sex but instead you get lots of sexscenaries plus fluff. Is that good or. Your Jindeul is being worked on, too!! MERRY CHRISTMAS, LOVE <3

Nothing like you and I | for [livejournal.com profile] saibear12
b1a4 ; jinyoung/cnu ; nc-17 r
1890 w
In which it's not just sex.

Jinyoung wakes up to a hand wrapped loosely around his cock. )
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Part one of [livejournal.com profile] sai12's honorary birthday presents XD.

b1a4 ; cnu/jinyoung ; nc-17
~1200 w, college au

In which Jinyoung is the basketball team's Captain and Dongwoo is the new kid. Sex ensues.
Jinyoung's pretty sure he's never seen that guy before. )
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Birthday present for [livejournal.com profile] judysaurus. Longest B1A4 fic ever and Junghawn centric (kinda) and uhm yeah I love this one tbh. Quite proud of it.

(uncoded version)

Be The One (And Only)
b1a4 ; junghwan (cnu/jinyoung) ; pg13
4,500~ w

In which Junghwan is a dedicated donsaeng and tries to get Jinyoung and Dongwoo together, Sunwoo makes snarky comments at the weirdest of times, and Chansik threatens to move out (more than once).
It starts with one of their pointless conversations, pretty much like all the other times. )
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A quick drabble I came up with after I watched "Did you hear about the Morgans?"

Light up (but don't set us on fire)
b1a4 ; cnu (band fic) ; g
~400 w

In which the kids go out camping. Sort of.
Dongwoo should've foreseen this. )

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